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Nov, 2023

Registration Open!!

2024 SMYBA Spring Baseball
We are looking forward to the SMYBA 2024 Spring baseball season! 
If you have any questions during registration, please email our Player Agent or info email address.  
Players of all ages will be evaluated for level of play. There are various prices for various divisions. If your player is evaluated into a higher or lower division than that which is selected at registration, an increase or decrease in fee may apply to your player and the difference will show on your account. The difference (either amount due or amount credited) will need to be settled prior to the season start.
General Rules of Thumb for Division Selection
Tee Ball: 4-6 years old
Minors Coach Pitch: 5-8 years old (if 5, must have previously played Tee Ball)
Minors Player Pitch - (3) Divisions separated into Minors A - Hybrid (7-9 years old) and Minors AA and AAA - Player Pitch (8-11 years old)
Majors: District 14 has elected to not have a Majors Division. Any players league age 10 will be evaluated to play at AAA or Intermediate. However, you may need to register your player under the Majors Division understanding that they will be playing at the Intermediate Level of play.
Intermediate 50/70: 11-13 years old (Field dimensions are larger; i.e. 50' pitching mound & 70' base paths)
Juniors Division: 13-14 years old
IMPORTANT - Please note: When you complete registration you will receive a confirmation email. In this confirmation email there will be very important details about the season. Please make sure you carefully read over the email when you receive it.

We will still have a buyout available. However, the buyout for fundraising will be in the form of a check due to the league at the uniform pickup.
For those divisions who have concessions participation requirements (Minors AAA / Intermediate); a check for $100 will be due at uniform pickup.
For those divisions who do not have concession requirements (Tee Ball / Coach Pitch / Minors A (Hybrid) / Minors AA / Juniors); a check for $50 will be due at uniform pickup.
This check is a "PER FAMILY" requirement. If you have at least (1) player in Minors AAA or Intermediate, the check will be for the $100. All other checks will be for $50.
These checks will be HELD and NOT CASHED until the Fundraiser is complete, at which point the check will be returned. If the required value of the fundraiser is not met, the difference in the fundraiser will then be due prior to your check being returned.
For those families who have a concession stand participation requirement (2 shifts are required per family) the $100 check will be returned once your participation is completed, and fundraiser is complete. If the required value of the fundraiser is not met, nor your concession stand participation is completed, the difference in the value of the check will then be due prior to your check being returned. (i.e. If you elect not to do the fundraiser (buyout), and you work your two concession shifts, a $50 check would then be due and your $100 check returned)
Here's to a great 2024 Spring baseball season!

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